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What We Do

We provide extensive, maintainable, foolproof, cost-effective, turnkey engineering solutions. We stand behind our rigorous methods. While many other companies utilize high-level implementations that are subject to questionable legal licenses and have to be maintained and updated as underlying frameworks are modified, we deliver genuine results for clients who want straightforward, fully cohesive, and simple implementation. Even better: We do it at costs that undercut our competitors. 

Why Choose Us?

Our solutions are smart, low-risk, low-cost, and ensure a high level of functionality and maintainability for our clients. We provide viable, “out-of-the-box” solutions, which encompass mobile application development, firmware development, SoA distributed services development, and even hardware development. Our well-rounded, experienced approach sets us apart, and sets our clients up for success

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About Us

Thank you for finding us! PositiveSine Inc. Engineering was founded in 2018. We are a group of individuals who have decades of experience building solutions that simply work. We utilize knowledgeable, cost-benefit realized solutions for our clients.

A Different Approach

Many contract or consulting companies spend hours implementing solutions that leverage frameworks such as ‘React Native,' or ‘NodeJS,’ or any other popular framework. The founding members of PositiveSine Inc. have worked for many companies using these structures. In our experience, this was not as efficient as it appeared on the surface. Clients would often get solutions which “worked” to meet the defined SoW. But these would later need to be rewritten, modified, or constantly maintained in order to remain functional. These so-called solutions always became a constant source of frustration for clients, no matter what their businesses or goals were. In every single solution we have seen implemented, it almost always required a full rework, costing in time and resources.


As a company, we developed to improve upon this situation and deliver the best experience and results for our clients. By providing simple, straight-forward, managed implementations, we bring value through utilizing engineering-centric results. 

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"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower."

Steve Jobs

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