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Our Mission Statement

PositiveSine, started as a venture between individuals who all had a vested interest in “programming," and not just applying libraries. A principal-level embedded firmware engineer and a VP-level hands-on engineer with over 35 years combined experience decided to create a company that was different. A company that focused on engineering correctly, and without taking shortcuts that put our deliverables and clients at risk. We quickly found that this was a superior and effective long-term path. When coupled with an agile development cycle, we found our approach was highly effective, and functional. We utilize our cooperative, collaborative team's strengths. This enables us to out-perform and exceed the expectations of our clients. 


Delivering quality results and exceeding expectations on our commitments is our specialty. We deliver direct, scalable solutions, including mobile application development, firmware development, SoA distributed services development, and even hardware development. We pride ourselves on strong technical leadership and understanding. Our corporate vernacular does not include compromising or making the easy decision that has a sub par result. We execute on what we commit to, and we excel at doing so.  Our efficient and viable approaches will make our company, and yours, great! – This is our mission statement.


Due to our approach and continued success, we are opening offices and expanding our field and operations in 2019.

The PositiveSine Team


Zach Ryan


Founding Partner at PositiveSine Inc. Zach coordinates the business objectives and growth, as well as leveraging his experience in C/C++, Java, C#, Embedded, and SoA Services expertise. Providing technical guidance and know how to companies and individuals, he has grown teams from single digits up through organizations of hundreds at large corporations. He understands cost benefit, and knows how to see risks and prevent those risks from realizing, often before others. Having delivered numerous consumer electronic products, and with decades of business to business and SaaS experience, he is equipped with the knowledge you need to bring products to fruition on aggressive timelines and budgets.


Cody Sharff

Chief Technical Officer

As CTO at PositiveSine, Inc. Cody works tirelessly to provide knowledge and expertise around embedded, Android, Services, Web, and high performance efficient design patterns. Cody’s experiences range from automotive, application, and mobile development. As a dual graduate from University of Washington, he leverages his extensive knowledge and real world applicable experience in his day to day tasks and delivers quality solutions.


Jim Larsen

Chief Legal Officer

Having served clients in a variety of tech industries for over 15 years either as outside legal counsel at large and small firms or as in-house counsel, Jim brings a wealth of experience, critical and strategic thinking, and technological and legal breadth to PositiveSine, Inc.

Jim's legal and engineering background and experience combine to facilitate quick understanding of new technologies, support an ability to concisely explain those technologies and their benefits to tech and non-tech people, and Jim to recognize and address compliance, IP, and other legal issues.


Hannah Ryan

Chief Fun Officer

Hannah functions in a key and crucial role as the CFO. She attends company meetings, lays under desks, and loves to eat treats. Her duties include customer interaction and immersion, and making weird noises while other employees are working. As an invaluable member of the team, she sleeps a lot and keeps morale up. Her credentials come highly recommended and she is extremely well credentialed at being a dog.

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